US dollar exchange rate

Here you can watch how the US dollar fluctuates in the market and when the US dollar rate is the best.

The US dollar is a legal tender not only in the United States but also in other countries such as Ecuador, El Salvador, Zimbabwe, British Virgin Islands, Micronesia, Palau, Panama and East Timor.


1. “Dollar” comes from the word “Joahimstaler”, 16th c. the name of a coin minted at the silver mine in Joahimstal, in what is now the Czech Republic. “Joahimstal” means “Valley of Joahim”. Joahimstal was soon abbreviated to “taler,” and the Danes renamed the word “daler.” The English translated it into the more acceptable name “dollar”.

2. Since 1956. the slogan “We believe in God” is printed on the banknotes.

3. 50$ and 100$ banknotes are in circulation for up to eight years, 20$ banknotes are circulating for an average of 2 years, and one-dollar banknotes have a lifespan of only 18 months.

4. The US dollar is the currency most commonly used by tourists.

5. Dollars are not made of paper but of cotton fiber. In order not to wear out any longer.

When traveling, don’t forget to have your passport, insurance, tickets and cash with you.

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