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About Valiuta24.lt

Valiuta24.lt is a currency exchange. We exchange the currencies of many foreign countries at a very favorable rate! We accept currency orders and reservations. We exchange not only popular banknotes in circulation, but also those that are not exchanged by other exchanges or banks. Valiuta24.lt operates in accordance with the currency exchange operator's license issued by the Bank of Lithuania. Valiuta24.lt is a great solution to exchange your currency in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda!

Other currencies

If you have other banknotes not listed on the website, please send their exact amount and name to the e-mail address: info@valiuta24.lt and in the return e-mail you will receive a free quote calculated by our team. In case you cannot identify your currencies, please attach photos of the banknotes to the message you send.

Mission, vision, goals

Best exchange rate. Our desire is to maximize customer expectations. Continuously cultivate professionalism and become the most reliable service provider for its customers.


Responsibility - Competence - Flexibility - Professionalism - Modernity

Why choose us?

When exchanging larger amounts, we will always offer a more favorable exchange rate! Our team consists of energetic, professional specialists in their field, who have accumulated experience in the fields of currency market and economics. We will always advise and find a solution for you!

It's time to start saving money!