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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I get better rate for currency in your office? Yes. For larger amounts we make better exchange rates. You can call for better rate +370 641 99966 (Kaunas), +370 612 31023 (Vilnius) or +370 634 41463 (Klaipėda).
  • Can I book a currency in advance? Yes. You can contact us via e-mail info@valiuta24.lt or call +370 641 99966 (Kaunas), +370 612 31023 (Vilnius) or +370 634 41463 (Klaipėda) and we will make a reservation.
  • Do I need to have an ID document for currency exchange? If the amount of the currency exchange transaction is equivalent to or exceeds 3.000 EUR, you must provide a valid personal identification document and fill out and sign the "Client Identification and Beneficiary Form". When exchanging amounts from 15.000 EUR, an explanation regarding the origin of the funds must be filled out. If the currency exchange transaction is performed by a Legal Entity, you must additionally submit the latest valid, but not older than 3 months, company registration statement.
  • What kind of currencies I can exchange in your office? We buy and sell over 50 different foreign currencies. All currencies and rates You can see on our website www.valiuta24.lt
  • Is it possible to exchange money withdrawn from circulation? Yes, we accept. This is a list of withdrawn from circulation currencies we exchange: Swiss francs, Norwegian krone, Danish krone, British pound, Northern Irish pound, Scottish pound, etc. Contact us by phone +370 641 99966 (Kaunas), +370 612 31023 (Vilnius) or +370 634 41463 (Klaipėda).